Lake Steinhude

Lake Steinhude© Jürgen Ulrich / Travanto

About Lake Steinhude

Lake Steinhude is the largest lake in northwestern Germany. The lake forms the center of Lake Steinhude Nature Park. Nature enthusiasts and anyone in search of rest and recreation value the sustainable tourism and the numerous possibilities for outdoor activity. Lake Steinhude is eight kilometers long and is located in the borough of Wunstorf. The landscape is characterized by numerous peat bogs and wet meadows. With a little luck, one can often catch sight of wading birds and waterfowl. For tourists, nature trails and observation towers have been set up.

On the south shore of Lake Steinhude, an artificial bathing island was created. The broad sand beach can only be reached on foot. Lake Steinhude can be explored along a circular path. On the lake, sailing, surfing and rowing are possible. Numerous sights make a stay on Lake Steinhude a memorable experience. The nature center provides information on the natural landscape and its protection. Attractions for old and young include the insect museum and the reptile park in Münchehagen. In the restaurants, vacationers can enjoy Steinhude smoked eel. In Steinhude one can also visit a fishing and weaving museum. The idyllic shoreline promenade invites strolling. Romantics will choose a horse-drawn carriage ride or wander through the forests of the Hohenholz. The village of Hagenburg is suitable for long shopping strolls and disposes of tranquil castle grounds.
Lake Steinhude© Gerhard Dienst / Travanto

Sights of Lake Steinhude

The often-visited Dinopark in Münchehagen has its beginning in the 1980s. At that time the tracks of the gigantic extinct reptiles were found in a stone quarry. Soon the site was given protection as “Dinosaur Tracks Natural Monument,” and numerous visitors came to see the well-preserved tracks, which are internationally unique. In 1992 the Dinosaur Open-Air Museum was established, which around the natural monument provides scientific knowledge through experience and adventure. With this concept, the Dinopark not only provides a lot of enjoyment, but also awakens scientific curiosity in all age groups.

Landestrost Castle
Between 1573 and 1584, Landestrost Castle was built as a typical town fortress at Neustadt am Rübenberge. The builder, Duke Erich II of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, wanted to use the castle as a palatial residence, but died before it was completed. The castle layout in the style of the Weser Renaissance today houses many attractions, among others the peat museum, the Duprès champagne cellar, as well as a permanent exhibit on the builder and history of the castle. The „Amtsgarten“, laid out according to historical patterns, surrounds Landestrost Castle with green splendor.

Wilhelmstein Island
A popular tourist attraction of Lake Steinhude is the artificial Wilhelmstein Island, with the eponymous fortress. In the 18th, century Count Wilhelm von Schaumburg-Lippe had the lake fortress built for military reasons in the middle of Lake Steinhude. Even today the 3-acre island belongs to the aristocratic family. In traditional sailboats, vacationers reach the island, which is a regular venue for exhibitions, concerts and theater productions. The star-shaped fortress with bastions and citadels can be visited from April to October. After a guided tour, the island kitchen offers refreshments to visitors.

Steinhude bathing island
On the southern shore of Lake Steinhude, there is a further artificial island, the Steinhude bathing island. By crossing a 80-meter long bridge, vacationers reach the island, which with an area of 50,000 m² is about four times as large as Wilhelmstein Island. On the island there is not only a wide bathing beach, but also the Service Center invites a visit with a viewing platform and bistro. In the southern part of the island there is a childrens playground. The largest share of the island owes its park-like atmosphere to green meadows, shrubbery and groves of trees.

Hagenburg Castle
The small Hagenburg castle in Lake Steinhude Nature Park was built in the 14th century and initially served as an administrative center, later as the summer residence of the aristocratic Schaumburg-Lippe family. At the wish of Princess Juliane, at the end of the 18th century the castle was rebuilt and thereby received its contemporary appearance. Hagenburg Castle is located in the midst of a verdant park. Ancient trees shade strollers, and an avenue of rhododendrons guides visitors directly to the castle. A canal leads from the castle to Lake Steinhude.

Lake Steinhude Nature Park
Lake Steinhude is surrounded by the eponymous nature park, with an area of ca. 310 km². The diverse landscape offers a variety of leisure possibilities and is therefore beloved by many besides vacationers. Up to 50,000 day-guests from around the region come on summer weekends to stroll, cycle or sail. Hikers can find rare plant and animal species in the nature preserves of Hagenburger Moor and Meerbruch. Since 1974, the forests, moors and not least of all the beloved lake have enjoyed nature or respectively landscape protection. A variety of aquatic birds are at home there, which can be observed from viewing towers.

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