Costa Blanca

Exploring the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca at a length of 150 kilometers is located in the province of Alicante in Spain. Visitors like the various possibilities at the mountainous coastline. They come here for relaxing summer holidays as well as for hiking tours and sightseeing trips. Symbol of the town Alicante is the Castillo de Santa Barbara, an impressing medieval fort. Strolling through the town you will be delighted with the elegant townhouses and palaces. For water fans and sun lovers the sandy beach Playa de San Juan is the best place to be at the Costa Blanca.

A tourist center at the Costa Blanca is Calpe. At the old harbour visitors can look over the fishermens’ shoulders or they can travel back in time in the Moorish neighbourhood. A modern place at the Costa Blanca is the town of Benidorm which is also called “Small Manhattan” due to its numerous skyscrapers. No matter if you are at the coast or in the back country, you will find interesting sights everywhere. Those who ever wanted to go on a safari, should visit the safari park El Vergel. Exploring the park with your own car, you can come into close contact with wild animals. A good place to learn more about art work and traditions of the coastal region is the museum-village Guadelest. On the market in Jalon you find great souvenirs for your beloved at home.

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Places of interest at the Costa Blanca

Terra Mitica
Terra Mitica is a huge entertainment park in the town of Benidorm in Alicante. Numerous attractions like water slides, rollercoasters and swings are available, just like in American amusement parks. The architecture of the Terra Mitica is based on historic Mediterranean settings from Egypt, Rome and Greece. A day in the park is great fun for the whole family.

Mar Menor
Mar Menor is a saltwater lagoon in Murcia and the largest saline inland in Europe. At a length of over 70 kilometers the coast is a very popular recreational area. The sludge from the lagoon is estimated to have healing effects and to ease circulatory symptoms. The average depth of the water is only two meters and it has a convenient temperature of 18 degrees Celsius during the whole year. Today the saline is still used for salt mining by evaporation. Due to the boundary from the sea, very special animals could colonise at the Mar Menor, for example flamingos and seabreams.

Although the small village of Guadalest only counts 227 habitants, thousands of tourists come here every day. Especially the old town center that can be reached only through a tunnel, carved into a rock, is very worth seeing. Furthermore you can see what’s left of the old castle San Jose or spend some time in one of the museums, for example in the toy museum, in the ethnological museum or in the miniature museum in El Arrabal. The barrier lake Presa de Guadalest is a great place for a boat trip.

Montgó is a mountain at the Costa Blanca located between the towns of Dénia and Jávea. With a height of 753 meters it towers above the whole region. Due to its foothills winding towards the sea, the mountain carries the name “sleeping elephant”. In 1987 the Montgó has been declared as a nature reserve to protect the many birds, reptiles and rodents that have settled in this area. The mountain is a perfect place for a relaxing hiking tour.

About 20 kilometers off the coast of Alicante the idyllic island of Tabarca is located. This is a perfect destination for a boat trip starting from Alicante harbour. After only one hour you reach the island. In the 18th century the Spanish king initiated the relocation of captured Genoese fishermen families from the Tunesian town of Tabarca to the island. Take a look at the local museum and try one of the local specialties, the “Caldero”, a famous fish soup.

El Palmeral
El Palmeral is a huge palm garden in the Valencian town Elche which can also be spelled Elx. It houses more than 11,000 different species. A highlight is the palm “Imperial” which has been plant by the empress Sissi. Its seven trunks remind on a candelabra. El Palmeral was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere while having a picnic and watching over the bay.

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