Black Forest

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About the Black Forest

The Black Forest is the highest low mountain range in Germany. It is worldwide famous for the cuckoo-clock, the “Bollerhut” and the Black Forest Cake. The famous holiday region in the south-west of Baden Württemberg reaches from Hochrhein to Kraichgau on an area of 150 kilometers in total. Visitors can expect beautiful landscapes, famous sights and a variety of leisure activities.

The high forests as well as the valleys can be discovered by extensive hiking tours. Climbers can enjoy stunning views from the mountain peaks which transform to a skiing paradise in winter. The skiing season lasts until April. A touristic center in the Black Forest region is the town of Freudenstadt where leafy arbours are bordering the biggest market square in Germany. An interesting local museum can be found in the town house. The palm forest invite visitors for a relaxing walk. The thermal springs in Badenweiler, which were already famous in Roman times, are a popular place for spa tourists today as you can enjoy different health treatments.

The clock-town Furtwangen is home of the German Clock Museum with the largest cuckoo-clock exhibition in the world which is a popular attraction in the Black Forest. During summer, the Titisee Lake is a great place for water sports. The 1.493-meter-high Feldberg offers many hiking opportunities. A very idyllic part of the Black Forest can be discovered the Glottertal with its orchards and vineyards which has once served as location for the famous TV series “Schwarzwaldklinik”. Fun and excitement for the whole family offers the Europa Park in Rust. If you are looking for a wellness holiday, the town of Bad Dürrheim, the highest located brine baths in Europe, will be a good destination. Lovers of winter sports should visit the town of Hinterzarten.

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Titisee Lake

The Titisee lake is one of the most popular places of interest in the High Black Forest. The lake is located at the foot of the Feldberg mountain and close to the holiday resort Hinterzarten. The Titisee is a real treasure surrounded by beautiful forests. During the last centuries, the two-kilometer-long and 700-meter-broad natural lake has developed to a popular tourist destination. The same-named town is a good starting point for trips to the different swimming places at the lake. At the bank of the Titisee visitors can lend boats. There are several hiking- and cycling paths that can be used for a tour around the lake.

Places of interest at the Titisee
A must-see for every visitor of the Titisee is the nearby Feldberg, the highest mountain in the Black Forest region and a real hiking paradise. It also includes some parts of the eldest nature reserve in Baden Württemberg. Furthermore, the Höllental (hell valley) with its twisted paths and mystic canyons is worth a visit. During your tour you should not miss to take a look at the picturesque Bisten-waterfalls. A very fascinationg hiking path leads along the Wutachschlucht canyon. This 30-kilometer-long natural spectacle along a river offers fascinating landscapes. A more relaxing way to discover the area is the “Zäpfle Bähnle”. This train will take you from the Titisee to the 1.070-meter-high Fürsatzhöhe. If you are tired of nature, you can visit the town of Titisee-Neustadt with its beautiful cathedral. The 68-meter-high tower overtops the whole town. Worth a visit is also the Benedictine Monastery St. Peter where lots of concerts, markets and workshops are taking place.

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Black Forest Sights

Nature in the Black Forest
The Black Forest Region offers a wide and varied hiking landscape, from high mountains to deep canyons. One of the most famous natural monuments is the Feldberg, close to the town of Freiburg im Breisgau. With its 1,493 meters it is the highest mountain in the county of Baden Württemberg and offers one of the most widespread views in Germany. The mountain is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. During winter, the skiing area offers 28 lifts and slopes. During the hiking season, tourists find numerous paths and alpine huts.

Close to the town of Freiburg you also find the local mountain Schauinsland. It is 1.284 meters high and provides visitors with many sights, like red beeches deformed by the wind, a visitor mine, the Schauinsland-Train and the Schauinsland-Tower. Not far from the Schauinsland you find the Titisee, located on an altitude of 850 meters. The 1.3-square-kilometer-big natural lake is a good place for all kind of water sports, like swimming, sailing or boating.

South-east from the Titisee, close to the town of St. Blasien, you find the Schluchsee, the biggest lake in the Black Forest region. The cool mountain lake is a popular destination in summer as you can go swimming at different places on the bank. Other activities are sailing or hiking, for example on the loop path around the lake.

Underneath the town of Titisee-Neustadt, in the Gutach-valley, there is another place of interest: The Wutachschlucht Canyon. This narrow valley is separated in three very deep canyons that are between 60 and 170 meters low. Due to their extraordinary biotopes, the canyons are visited by thousands of tourists every year. If you want to find out more Natural highlights and landscapes of the Black Forest, go on There you find lists of mountains, valleys, lakes and much more.

Famous buildings in the Black Forest
In the dense woods of the Black Forest you find many churches, monasteries, castles and palaces. Those impressive buildings carries us back to long past times and astonish us. In Freiburg im Breisgau visitors find an architectural master piece of Gothic times. The Freiburg Cathedral, built in the 13th century, is praised by many art historians. As the cathedral has not been destroyed during Second World War, it is well preserved and visitors can take a look at many original items, like the glass windows.

Another great place for a sightseeing trip is the Hirsau Monastery in the northern part of the Black Forest. Although the site officially carries the name St. Peter and Paul, the monastery is still called like their antecessor. The Hirsau Monastery has once been the biggest monastery in Germany and still impresses with its massive walls and artistic details. Another worth-seeing monastery is located close to the town of Pforzheim. The Maulbronn Monastery is one of the best preserved monastery sites from Medieval times. You will get an idea of all different style eras, from Romanesque times to late Gothic. Since 1993 the Maulbronn Monastery is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you want to visit one of the most famous castle ruins in Germany, take a tour to the town of Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Castle is located on a hill and towers above the old town. Its bricks made of red stone are an eye-catcher and characterize the appearance of the town. It is not without reason that the castle is the symbol of Heidelberg.

The Karlsruhe Castle also shapes the urban landscape of the same-named city in the northern part of the Black Forest. The castle, built in the 18th century has once been residence of the margraves and dukes of Baden. Today, the Karlsruhe Castle houses the Baden National Museum and one part of the Constitutional Court.

Culture and leisure activities
Experience, Discover, Enjoy – Welcome to the Black Forest. Verified culture- and leisure activities offer a great stay for the whole family. Numerous attractions can be found at the Europa Park Rust, the biggest amusement park in the German-speaking area. Over 900,000 square meters provide space for hundreds of fun rides and shows that attract more than 4.5 million visitors every year.

Many leisure- and cultural facilities are closely connected to the topic Black Forest, like the Jewelry-World Pforzheim. The biggest experience world for jewelry and minerals in Europe gives the visitors an idea of the minerals of the Black Forest. On an area of 4,000 square meters you can take a look at valuable jewelries and important minerals, like the Amethystdrusen that can have a weight of over 500 kilos.

Another place where traditional handcraft can be discovered is the German Clock Museum in Furtwangen. A collection of over 8,000 pieces tells the story of the hand-crafted and industrial production of clocks in the Black Forest. Children have the possibility to build their own clock.

If you want to learn more about life in the Black Forest region, visit the open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach. The eldest open-air museum in the county of Baden Württemberg illustrates the way of life and work in the Black Forest by showing authentic residential- and working places and different farming animals.

No trip to the Black Forest without taking a tour with the Black Forest Train. The main train of Baden Württemberg connects the towns of Offenburg and Singen am Hohentwiel on a route of 150 kilometers. The Baden Black Forest Train had been built from 1863 to 1873 and is the most important train connection in the Black Forest. Highlight regarding structure and landscape is the 40-kilometer-long way from Hausach to Sankt Georgen.

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