Bavarian Forest

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Explore the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest as the largest contiguous forest area is located in the heart of Europe. The idyllic, intact, natural countryside between the Danube, Böhmerwald and the border to Austria is the perfect place for enjoyable hikes, extensive bike tours and relaxing skiing holiday. Existing since 1970, the Bavarian Forest is regarded as the eldest protected nature area in Germany. Visitors can immerse themselves in untouched nature by walking along self-guided trails through the forest. Not far from the nature reserve building of Neuschönau you find an outdoor enclosure where wildcats, lynx and bears can be observed in their natural habitat.

Declared as the most beautiful town in the Bavarian Forest is the town of Bodenmais. The idyllic holiday resort is the perfect departure point to hike the mountain Great Arber with the Arbersee Lake. From the town of Bayrisch Eibenstein you can start a trip to the nearby Czech Republic.

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Places of interest in the Bavarian Forest

The Great Arber
“King of the Bavarian Forest” is the Great Arber, a 1456-meter-high mountain. Take the cable car to the top station and climb the last few meters to the highest peak of the region. The view will take your breath away. On clear days you can even see the Alps from here. Children will love the playground next to the base station of the mountain. During winter, the Great Arber with its numerous ski slopes is a Mecca for winter sports enthusiasts.

The Falkenstein castle
Since the 11th century the Falkenstein castle towers above the town of Markt Falkenstein in the Oberpfalz. It was built by the bishop Tuto of Regensburg. After a long period of changing temporal and spiritual ownership, the landlord and Hereditary Prince Johannes of Thurn and Taxis finally passed the castle to the community. Since then the castle has been renovated and partly converted into a guest house. In the hunting museum you can find the collection of the Hamburg notary Hans-Werner Schacht. Every year, there are numerous events inside of the castle area, for example concerts or medieval games. A huge beergarden invites you to spend some relaxing hours with traditional food.

Bavarian Forest National Park
The first German national park ever has been established in the Bavarian Forest and covers 24,000 hectare. The untouched nature park is a perfect place to spend a relaxing hiking holiday. Join one of the guided tours through the area and learn everything about the landscape. If you are very lucky, you can discover one of the rare species, like the black stork. The visitor center “Haus der Wildnis” and “Hans-Eisenmann-Haus” provide important information about the region. Not for the faint-hearted, but a great adventure is the tree top walk. The 44-meter-high observation deck provides a nice view of the Bavarian Forest national park.

The Arbersee Lake
Amidst a mountain ridge the Great Arbersee lake lies right next to the same-named mountain Great Arber. Nestled into romantic landscape, the lake attracts half a million visitors every year and is the most popular lake in the Bavarian Forest. Its lowest point is about 15 meters below the water surface. On the ground the lake has a temperature of only 5.1 Celsius. Very fascinating are the swimming islands which are not connected to the ground and occurred when the water of the lake built up. Discover the lake while hiking through beautiful moors, woods and green fields. The Ambersee House is a good location for having a small refreshment.

Zoological Garden Straubing
A visit to a zoological garden is fun for all ages. In Straubing you can observe local animals as well as exotic species. Beside frogs, storks and local snakes there are many more interesting inhabitants like two Siberian tiger, kattas and meerkats. 1,700 animals are waiting for you in the Straubing Zoo. In the Neolithic farmhouse visitors can get an idea how craft work was practiced at that time and try to light a fire without matches. In the petting enclosure children can have a closer look at the tame goats.

Glass Museum in Frauenau
For centuries glass manufacture has been an important tradition in the Bavarian Forest. Center of glass art is the border town Frauenau. In the local glass museum you get to know everything about the manufacture of the fragile good. Having a tour through the museum you will plunge into the different eras of glass manufacturing and gaze at important pieces. Throughout the years many international glass artists have contributed their work to the collection. Watch the artisans at work at the glass-melting furnace and buy a long-lasting souvenir at the museum shop. Furthermore, do not miss the exhibition about work-life in a glass factory.

Summer toboggan in Grafenau
The so-called “whirling-monster” awaits you at the edge of the Bavarian Forest in the town of Grafenau. The 1.25-kilometer-long toboggan offers great fun for the whole family. At first you are carried up the hill to the 100-meter-high top station, after that the thrilling ride begins with nerve-racking jumps and turns. At some parts of the route you can reach a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Those who would rather observe the happening can have a rest with cool beer on the terrace.

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