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Exploring the Allgäu

The Allgäu is one of the most diversified and idyllic holiday regions in Germany. Nestled between the beautiful town of Lech and Lake Constance, the Allgäu offers numerous landmarks and a huge hiking- and skiing area. An eye-catcher are the colourful farmhouses in Wangen, which are typical for the region. A symbol for the Bavarian humour are the sculpted fountains. Everyone who wants to find out more about the traditions in the Allgäu should visit the museum of local history and cheese making. Other places of interest are the “Zunftshäuser” and merchant palaces in Memmingen as well as the Baroque basilica of Ottobeuren.

Places to visit in the Allgäu
The town of Bad Wörishofen is the birthplace of wellness tourism in the Allgäu, thank to the famous pastor Sebastian Kneipp. Today visitors can make use of over 200 health- and spa centers which offer numerous hydrotherapies. The best route to discover the Allgäu is the German Alpine Road. You can be sure that you will pass all important places and sights on this route, for example Sonthofen, the most southerly town of Germany and ideal departure point for hiking the 1,738-metre-high Grünten, the so-called “Guardian of the Allgäu”. The Forggensee near Füssen is a perfect place for all kind of water sports and recreation. One of the most famous castles in the world, the Neuschwanstein Castle, is also located close to Füssen. Visitors from all over the world are attracted by the fairytale castle. The Allgäu is a good destination for winter holiday as well. Then you can go skiing at the mountains Nebelhorn and Fellhorn.

Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes in the Allgäu

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Oberstdorf is one of the most popular vacation- and skiing resorts in the Allgäu Alps. The town has developed from a farming village into a spa resort. After a huge fire in 1865 most parts of the town have been reconstructed. What is striking is the tower of the neo-gothic church which is visible already from a great distance. A very favoured venue is the town square from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the mountain peaks. In the local museum you can discover everything about the history of Oberstdorf. During winter, Oberstdorf becomes a busy skiing resort. Especially the Schattenberg site, where the international Four-Venue-Tournament takes place, is a magnet for visitors.

Hiking in Oberstdorf
Oberstdorf is the perfect place for an active vacation during all seasons of the year. Visitors can conquer the peak of the Nebelhorn by cable car and walk downhill back to town, passing the Geissalp Lake and the Geissalp. For experienced mountain hikers the Hindelanger climb, which starts at the Nebelhorn, is a great adventure. The 2,037-metre-high Fellhorn can be reached quickly and easily from Oberstdorf. The Heilbronner Trail is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the Alps. You can reach the peaks of the Mädelegabel and the Great Krottenkopf. Everyone looking for a shorter and more relaxing walk, can take the hiking trail through the romantic Breitachklamm. Other destinations for a day trip are Fischen and the idyllic Kleinwalsertal, which is part of Austria, but only accessible by car from Bavaria.
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Places of interest in the Allgäu

Impressive buildings
One of the most popular sights in Germany is the Neuschwanstein castle, built in the 19th century by the Bavarian fairytale-king Ludwig II. During his regency he mainly focused on presenting himself in the public and initiated the construction of numerous impressive castles. His political responsibilities were far less important to him. Other worth seeing buildings are the residence in Kempten, a monastery with baroque stylistic, built in the 17th century, the monastery in Ottobeuren from the 8th century and the Waldburg in Oberschwaben, which is still furnished with items from the 16th century. Worth visiting is also the Ordensburg in Sonthofen, a former training facility for Nazi officers during the times of dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. An impressive open-air building is the ski jump ramp in Oberstdorf where the Four-Venue-Tournament takes place every year. The ramp is open to the public daily.

Museums in the Allgäu
All museums in the Allgäu focus on presenting the different areas of life in this region of Germany. If you are interested in working life and leisure time of the residents in the past, don’t miss the Allgäu museum in Kempten. Paintings, thematic guides and workshops give children and adults deeper insights into life in the Allgäu. Historic buildings from four centuries can be discovered in the Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren, the eldest open-air museum in Bavaria. Everything is about ancient farmhouses and the different workflows on a farm. Beside buildings the museum houses farm animals and crops. The museum of automobile in Wolfegg is a paradise for lovers of engines and vintage vehicles. The biggest of its kind in Germany displays over 200 vehicles. An exhibition of a very different kind is the Ravensburger Spieleland. Famous games, like “Das Verrückte Labyrinth” or “Das Nilpferd in der Achterbahn” can be played lifelike which is great fun for the whole family.

Nature at its best in the Allgäu
The Allgäu offers far nature and woods, just waiting to be discovered. A perfect place to do so is the Center of Nature Experience Allgäu where you can learn everything about the flora and fauna during field trips and events. An exciting adventure is a walk through the canyons in the Allgäu. Worth seeing is the canyon Eistobel where the river Obere Argen falls down over 70 meters. A very famous canyon is the Breitachklamm. This is one of the deepest canyons in central Europe and is surrounded by 100-metres-high cliff walls. Animal friends will have a great time at the reptile zoo in Scheidegg. Exotic reptiles and spiders call it their home as well as local snakes, like the “Kreuzotter” or the “Ringelnatter”.

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