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The metropolis Bern in Switzerland is the political and cultural center of the country. An eye-catcher is definitely the medieval old town located on a hill of sandstone. The wide alleys invite you for a stroll. On the ground floor of the pretty town houses you find shady arbours which stretch over an area of 6 kilometers. Elegant shops, antique markets, fashion stores and art ateliers can be found everywhere in Bern. Old wine cellars and theatre basements are great venues to spend a relaxing evening.

A good starting point for a sightseeing tour in the old town of Bern is the station place. The ancient town wall Kleine Schanze offers a beautiful view of the Bernese Alps. Cosy cafés with nice terraces can be found at the Bundesplatz. The most important bulding in the city of Bern is the late Gothic church St. Vinzenz built from 1421 until the end of the 16th century. Take the Mattenlift to visit the former artisan quarters of Bern. Everybody interested in art will also love the Paul-Klee center. In the Kramgasse you find sparkling fountains and one of the symbols of the town, the Zytgloggeturm. The Botanic Garden, built in the 19th century, is located west of the old town.

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Sights in Bern

Paul-Klee center
Looking at the Paul-Klee center you will realize immediately that the building alone is a work of art. The Italian star architect Renzo Piano created the building of 4 kilometers of steel beams. The German painter Paul Klee who lived more than half of his life in Bern, has left 10.000 master pieces. Over 4000 watercolours, paintings and drawings are exhibited in the center. The institution also serves as a research center to find out everything about Klee’s life and work. Many events in the fields of art, music and theatre are offered during the year. While parents stroll around the exhibition, children can create their own art works in the “Creaviva”.

Gurten is the name of the local mountain in Bern which is a popular recreational area for both locals and tourists. Enjoy the view from the 861-meter-high observation deck or do some sport activities. There are many things to do at the Gurten, for example downhill-mountainbiking, hiking, playing Frisbee, having a barbecue or skiing in winter. Small visitors will love the miniature train and the playground where they can find new friends during a float trip or a glissade.

Historical Museum of Bern
Everyone interested in history should not miss the Historic Museum in Bern. The extensive collection comprises 250.000 pieces from the pre- and early history of the town as well as an ethnographic exhibition. Important exhibits are the Burgundian tapestries and fragments of the sculpture discovery of 1986. Another must-see is the exhibition on the legacy of Henri Moser which includes strange pieces from the Orient. You can spend the whole day here without getting tired of the artworks.

Bern Cathedral
The biggest and most important church in Switzerland is the Bern Cathedral, towering over the roofs of the old town. The Gothic church has been built in the 15th century, its completion lasted until the 19th century. Take a closer look at the main portal where the Last Judgement is illustrated. Climb up the stairs to the tower where you can enjoy a stunning view of the old town. During the year numerous concerts are hosted in the Bern Cathedral.

Bear Park in Bern
Discover the heraldic animal of the city in the bear park in Bern, opened in fall 2009. Located directly at the river Aare, the park is a good environment for the majestic animals to fish, play and relax. The terrain covers 6000 square meters, including bathing sites, caves and small forests where the bears can feel comfortable. Not only children cannot stop being astonished when observing the remarkable animals. The entrance to the park is free of charge. For more information pay a visit to the local tourist information center where can also book a guided tour.

Bundeshaus Bern
The Bundeshaus Bern is the parliament house and one of the most important buildings of the town. The complex consists of three parts and was completed in 1992 after 48 artists have worked on the elaborate decoration. It is not without reason that the building is now under the protection of monuments. During a guided tour you will see the dome, the hall of the Swiss National Council and Upper Chamber and the parliamentary lobby. You will also get to know everything about the architectural history of the building. On the Bundesplatz, located directly in front of the Bundehaus, many state receptions and other important events take place.

Einstein House
From 1903 to 1905 the famous physicist Albert Einstein lived together with his family in a flat in the Kramergasse in Bern. At that time the scientist worked at the Swiss Patent Office and draw up many aspects of his famous Theory of Relativity. Today his apartment where he spend those important years is open to the public. An exhibition with lots of pictures and texts about Albert Einstein remind of his great work.

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