Croatian Islands

Island-hopping in Croatia

Croatia is also known as the land of a thousand islands. Specifically, the country disposes of over 1,185 picturesque islands, reefs and cliffs. The varied topographies of the coastlines are among the most impressive in the world, and nature-lovers and beach vacationers will find an unexpected paradise in the Croatian island world. In all, vacationers have access to 4,400 kilometers of richly varying coastline. Only about 70 islands are inhabited. All the remaining islands offer untouched nature and habitat for a species-rich world of flora and fauna. The islands are characterized by Mediterranean vegetation and profit from a mild Mediterranean climate.

In the north of the Adriatic Sea lie the largest islands, Cres and Krk. In southern Dalmatia, Brac and Hvar are the best-loved vacation islands. Each island can look back on its own special history. Many islands are accessible from the mainland by ferry. Other idyllic islands can only be reached by boat and offer peace and tranquility far from everyday life. The Briuni island group includes 14 islands which are only a few kilometers away from Rovinj and Pula. Hereby it is a matter of a true natural paradise. The island of Susak was created by nature completely from sand. On the island of Pag a lunar landscape has arisen.

Tourism flourishes on the green island of Rab. Numerous popular vacation islands are found in Kvarner Bay. Cres is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea and has a rich historical heritage. Mountain hikes are a definite possibility on the Northern Mediterranean island of Krk. Hvar is one of the most beautiful Adriatic islands and is also called the “Lavender Island.” On the party island of Pag, a younger public finds its way to the legendary beach parties. Each island possesses its own special charm and rewards a side-trip. Especially popular in Croatia is island-hopping, which in a relatively short period of time provides an overview of the great variety of the island world.

Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes on the Croatian Islands

Croatian island sights

The major sights of the Croatian island world are surely the unique nature and the magnificent beaches, which every year attract vacationers from all over Europe. Nevertheless, traces of a long history have been preserved, and a living tradition is still vigorous.

The island of Rab lies in the northern Adriatic Sea and is among the most popular vacation islands in the Bay of Kvarner. Rab is an island extremely rich in contrasts which appeals especially to hikers and nature lovers. The eastern part of the island is dominated by a barren, rocky landscape, while in the west, lush Mediterranean vegetation flourishes. Hikers roam the mountain ranges of Kamenjak, and in the forests of Kalifront the last natural areas in the Mediterranean region are preserved. Beach tourists can take a pilgrimage to the dream beach of Lopar. The paradisiac beach is especially suited for families, because the shore slopes gradually into the sea. As well, in the Bay of Supetarska Draga there are excellent water sport possibilities. In Barbat the houses reach almost into the sea. The remains of a Greek fortress are worth visiting on Mount St. Damian. In Barbat excellent wine is produced. Popular souvenirs are regional apiary products, such as honey. In the main center of Rab, the historic old town is the point of attraction. Here we find one of the oldest places of worship in Croatia, the Benedictine Cloister of St. Andreas. In the Sv. Justinia church, we find an exhibition of sacral art. In the summer, medieval jousting is held in the town, which is dedicated to St. Christopher, the patron saint of the Island of Rab.

Extending about 70 km from north to south, Cres is the largest Adriatic island. The island in the northern part of the Bay of Kvarner offers 250 varied miles of coastline and much untouched nature. As well for hikers, the mountainous island is an ideal starting point. The highest point is the 648-meter high Gorice. The most important sight on the island is fresh-water Vrana lake, whose bottom is more than 70 meters below sea level. A swing-bridge provides direct connections to the neighboring island of Losinj.

As well, there is a connection from the island of Krk over the Krk Bridge to the mainland. The island of Cres can be reached year-round by ferry. Malinska is the most popular beach and is especially valued for its micro-climate. It is worth taking a visit to the ancient fishing town of Porat, where an old cloister opens its gates. Paradise Path is one of the most beautiful hiking routes on the Croatian islands.

History buffs will be able to visit numerous town castles on the island of Hvar. One should consider climbing to Fortica Fortress, which was built in the 13th century. The cultural heritage of the island reaches back to antiquity. A folk-festival atmosphere reigns at the fascinating wine festivals, and vacationers treasure the island’s lavender oil. Anyone who values island vacations far from mass tourism is in the right place on the island of Unije. This island in the northern Adriatic Sea is 15 km long and a popular Eldorado for sailors.

A lively hustle and bustle reigns on Brac, the Croatian island with the largest population. In many places one comes across limestone mined on Brac, which reminds one of marble. The beach resort of Bol is a main attraction on the island. Regarded as the most beautiful beach in Croatia is the “Golden Horn” promontory, which is subject to the play of wind and waves and consequently often changes its form.

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