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Rent Safely with TRAVANTO

Travanto’s Rent Safely Guarantee protects you against fraud by a landlord who in fact does not exist and has tried to collect rent you have paid in advance, e.g. by way of a bank account that has been opened fraudulently.

Rental payments made within the scope of contracts concluded between guests and Travanto landlords in fact often need to be paid in advance in part or in full. The tenant thus takes the risk - which cannot always be assured – that the landlord might not exist and that he may not in fact own the holiday property offered.

By correctly registering your rental agreement, Travanto protects your rent paid up to a sum of max. €2,000 by way of the Rent Safely Guarantee against cases where the supposed landlord of holiday property does not actually exist.

The Rent Safely Guarantee is for you free of charge!

Registration is simple and occurs in three steps:

1. You send a request on a Travanto Website and book a holiday property or holiday house with one of our landlords.

2. You conclude a binding rental agreement with the landlord and register your rental agreement within 3 days of this booking over our Rent Safely Guarantee system. You must enter a valid email address.

3. Only make your payment once you have received the activation of your booking from us by email. The processing of your request will ordinarily take max. 2 working days.

The team at Travanto wishes you a relaxing, safe holiday!