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Please read and accept our "Rent Safely Guarantee" terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of the Rent Safely Guarantee

An effectual registration of your booking fort he Rent Safely Guarantee is only possible if the guest takes note of and accepts the following contractual provisions as a contractual partner of Travanto Travel GmbH & Co KG.

§ 1 Conclusion of Contract and Payment of Rent
In order to take advantage of the Rent Safely Guarantee the guest selects the desired holiday property on one of the Travanto Travel Portals and sends an enquiry to the landlord.

Once the binding rental agreement between the guest and the landlord of the holiday property has been concluded, the guest must register the trip within three working days with Travanto by filling out the Rent Safely Guarantee online application. Once the guest has registered he receives an activation or declinature of the booking coverage from Travanto, at the latest two working days later.

Important You must register your trip before any payment is made to the landlord (including deposits) and wait until you receive an activation from Travanto for the landlord. Your payment can thus only be made once you have received Travanto’s activation concerning the landlord for the Rent Safely Guarantee.

§ 2 Guest’s Additional Obligations
As a contractual partner of the Rent Safely Guarantee, you are obligated to notify Travanto immediately (at the latest 24 hours after you have received knowledge) by email at info@travanto.de or by telephone on +49 (0)173 24 22 350 once you have been made aware that
a) the rented holiday property does in fact not exist. B) you have been made aware by a third party of information that speaks for fraudulence towards guests at holiday properties

§ 3 Associated Rights and Grounds for Exclusion
The guest is covered for the rent paid to the landlord of the holiday property on the Travanto portal to a total sum of maximum €2,000 (two thousand) within the scope of the Rent Safely Guarantee.

This coverage applies if the holiday property with the landlord, administrator or owner named on the Travanto portal does not actually exist and was fraudulently entered into the Travanto database and the guest loses money. It is irrelevant whether damages occur because of the payment of a deposit or a total rental payment. In all cases, the limit of €2,000 applies for the sum of all claims pertaining to the guest’s booking that was registered on Travanto.

The Rent Safely Guarantee does not apply if the guest has transferred money without receiving the express activation of the booking from Travanto by email.

It does not apply, if the sum has been reimbursed by a bank, a credit card company, PayPal or any other kind of insurance or if it has been compensated with reasonable effort.

Payments to the landlord by way of cash transfer companies like Western Union, Moneygram, cash payments and similar cash transfer systems are generally not able tob e covered. The guarantee also does not apply, if the guest has behaved in a grossly negligent way and, in spite of obvious fraudulent characteristics, has paid the landlord.

Not covered by the Rent Safely Guarantee is the risk that the landlord becomes insolvent or if an actual holiday property administrator embezzles rental payments that should be forwarded to the owner.

Also not covered are claims of the guest due to a material defect warranty claims, i.e., the location or features of a holiday property do not exist pursuant to the contract or because construction noise prevails during the holiday. Also not covered are additional costs of a trip, such as departure and arrival costs, costs for additional accommodation, costs for a rental car at the location, damages due to lost enjoyment of the holiday and similar additional charges.

Not covered are losses of the guest because of erroneously executed payments by the guest, by an agent or by a bank, e.g. due to the erroneous input of account numbers.

Payments from the Rent Safely Guarantee only take place if the guest has notified Travanto by email at info@travanto.de of his damages within 7 days of becoming aware of the fundamental circumstances that have caused the damages. The Rent Safely Guarantee does not apply if a guest has provided false information during registration or during the conclusion of his guarantee, or if his claims are not portrayed conclusively.

Claims for compensation or refund against a fraudulent landlord shall be ignored by Travanto inasmuch as Travanto has already compensated the guest.

Hamburg, den 5.8.2009
Please accept the terms and conditions of our "Rent Safely Guarantee"