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Ibiza Travel Information

If you're looking to travel to Ibiza but have never been before, you might want to read up a little bit on what the island has to offer and how the island might suit your holiday. If you think Ibiza is just for partying, you’re wrong – the island is home to amazing culture, history and beauty. For this reason we’ve got this site that will help you plan and enjoy your holiday.

Transport in Ibiza

Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic Islands and also has good connections to the mainland and the other islands that make up the archipelago. Most travel to Ibiza by plane or boat. You can also travel to the area by car. To do this, you can drive on the mainland and use the car-transport ferry service to get you, your family and the family car all the way to the island without hassle or worry. Once you reach the island, there are a variety of different transport methods available: bicycle, rental cars, taxis, trains, buses. So you never have to worry about transport when heading off to see the sights.

Ibiza's Beaches

There are over 60 beaches and bays in Ibiza with a total coastal length of 18km. For an island with a total surface area of 572km2, this is a lot of beach! In Ibiza it doesn’t matter where you start out from, the beach is always a maximum of 30 minutes away. 18 beaches in Ibiza were awarded the Blue Flag in 2008. This award stands for high quality water, excellent environmental protection and a high level of safety and service.

In Ibiza there is a beach for every taste: take your pick from long sandy beaches with all of the hustle and bustle, e.g. Playa d´en Bossa, or pristine beaches such as Saigua Blanca. During the swimming season (from May until October), the average water temperatures go from 19°C up to 26°C. The beaches are easily accessible with a rental car or a rental scooter, however, bus connections leave a lot to be desired and are in definite need of improvement.

Ibiza's Culture

The local culture of Ibiza is somewhat undervalued by many tourists. Most people know Ibiza because of its beautiful beaches, the friendly climate and excellent nightlife. But few think of culture and tradition when it comes to Ibiza. We here talk in favour of the local culture and invite you to explore the island’s distinctive character while on holiday. A good way to discover the culture is through the traditional culinary kitchen. Do not miss the popular Flaó, an Ibizan cheesecake originating from the reign of King Jaime I. It will make your mouth water and is a must try. After tasting various Ibizan dishes you should try the traditional country dance of Ibiza – El ball pagés. In short, the local culture of Ibiza often goes unnoticed by tourists, but nonetheless it is worth knowing and exploring. We have on the right hand side described some cultural elements in detail, and you will surely be surprised!

The Ibizan cuisine

The history and identity of the ancient island can be experienced through its cuisine, and Ibiza has a long tradition for exquisite fish and shellfish dishes. The fish are often simply cooked, freshly caught in the morning and taste wonderfully. There are an endless number of recipes owing to all the different ethnicities that have settled on the island. If you visit the inland, local dishes typical consist of meat instead of seafood. The dining experience is however unique due to the amazing scenery on the island, and you will often find yourself enjoying a meal on the beach or in a small side street with a distinctive atmosphere. We recommend you to try: -Tapas; a variety of small and local dishes -Sofrit Pages; a typical dish with spiced pork, lamb, or chicken, and local sausages mixed with sweet garlic, peppers, potatoes and excellent seasoning -Borrida de Rajada; fresh skate baked with potatoes and almonds -Paella; meat and seafood mixed with rice and vegetables -Flaó; delicious cheesecake with a tint of anise and mint -Ensaimadas; cream-, chocolate- or pumpkin filled croissants

Traditional dance

The "ball pagés" is a typical folk dance from Ibiza with a long tradition behind it. The dancers are fully dressed in traditional costumes and jewellery. The men invite the women to dance and then the celebration begins. Locals still perform this dance on local holidays as well as city festivals. If you wish to see a performance while on holiday, go to Ibiza Town on Fridays or San Miguel on Thursdays. Prices and time vary, so you may need to ask a tourist information or search the web for more information.