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Holiday Rentals in Europe for your Next Holiday

The holiday season is the best part of the year for many people – it's that time of the year you can escape the scramble of everyday life and explore new cities, regions and countries. Initially, it is important to remember that when looking for accommodation options on your travels you don't always have to settle for a hotel. Lone travellers, families and groups often prefer private accommodation or holiday homes, where they are no longer tied down to authoritative meal times in a place they can truly feel at home, with all the freedom and spaciousness that comes with this more personal residence.

Choose between a huge range of holiday apartments or holiday rentals in Europe and enjoy your holiday in style – you can find accommodation for locations all over the continent on this informative website. To begin, simply enter your criteria in the search field and choose from the available properties. Who knows, you may even find your dream accommodation! You may wish to negotiate with the landlord beforehand or book easily and quickly using online booking. With our range of different booking options, it's completely up to you!

Ideal for those who fancy a spontaneous trip away to somewhere nice, our Last-Minute Deals provide options for affordable, short-term holiday accommodation. You can save up to a massive 60% on the regular price, making it even more tempting to take off somewhere!

Attractions and Extensive Travel Information

Do you need a break but can't decide where to head off to? You will be sure to find something on our website that will inspire and excite you. Are there famous buildings in Paris, Rome or London that you only know from the television? Well why not start with the must-see landmarks and plan your trip around them? We have a selection of extensive travel information from all across Europe, whether you prefer an exciting trip to one of the many attractive activity parks or a relaxing break away on a beach, there is truly something for everyone.

Book a holiday today, in an apartment or a holiday home, in a region that best jumps out at you. If you want to learn more about these different destinations, find all the corresponding information in the travel sections of our website. We have extensive knowledge about a plethora of holiday destinations in Europe especially Germany and its proximate countries (Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, the UK, Spain and Italy).

Holiday Homes by the Sea

Do you long for the sounds of the ocean waves and the smell of the steady sea breeze? Can you already imagine the sand filtering between your toes and watching the sun set over the horizon? Maybe you picture yourself sitting in a cosy seaside café sampling the freshest local produce? Browse our website for a selection of the best seaside resorts in a range of top destinations to get the ball rolling! If you are looking for the ultimate surfing experience, the tides of the North Sea and North Frisian islands in places such as Sylt are perfect for you! Maybe if stunning coastlines and idyllic harbours are on your wish list you would enjoy a trip down to Devon or Cornwall in Great Britain. On the other hand, if you want sun-drenched beaches, clear waters and guaranteed sun, look no further than our Spanish island resorts in places such as Ibiza or Mallorca. The choice is yours and the options are endless!

Holidays in the Mountains

For those travellers who prefer a mountain view to the sounds of the sea, and prefer a holiday involving exploration and activity, search through our holiday homes in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, all beautiful European countries! In the summer you can get out and about, making the most of the mountains by climbing, hiking and mountain biking. To follow, a dip in a serene and unspoiled mountain lake will refresh your muscles after a long, hard hike.

In the winter there are numerous ski resorts to explore, so get out socialising and skiing with fellow thrill-seekers from all over the world – enjoying the winter sports scene in style. Use our extensive holiday property search tool and prepare yourself for a fantastic summer or winter holiday in the mountains!

Holiday Rentals in Europe

Holiday rentals are the fastest growing trend for holiday accommodation and are available all across Europe. If it easy to see why, there are so many benefits! In Spain, for example, the hotels nearest to the party strips and nightclubs are not always the cheapest options – in fact they are out of the price range of many travellers. This isn't the same case with holiday homes, which subsequently work out cheaper. Holiday rentals can also be the more comfortable option with more space to relax and feel at home, away from other tourists.

A nice, cosy holiday home in Ibiza, for example, offers a cheaper and more satisfying alternative to joining the masses in their hotels. As well as this, residing in a holiday rental gives you a chance to explore regions that don't necessarily have an abundance of hotels. Smaller regions, such as Brittany in the north of France, are areas of natural beauty but have the advantage of not being dominated by tourism and commercialism. On the other hand, in large metropolitan cities such as London or Berlin, a holiday home allows you to feel immersed in your surroundings and the unique city cultures that exist in big, international cities. Be sure to delve into the community, experiencing all the things that make it unique, such as local coffee houses, shops and bars.

City Breaks - Discover Major European Cities

Would you like to experience the sights, sounds and landmarks of London? How about the historic Munich, the bohemian Berlin, the elegant Barcelona or the romantic rendezvous of Paris? Does the beautiful port of Hamburg, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Buckingham Palace in London or the Oktoberfest in Munich appeal to you? If so, plan a city break to one of the many great European or German cities to connect with culture, leisure and recreation in a trip full of memories that you will never forget! In addition to finding holiday homes in the biggest cities in Germany, France, the UK and Spain, you will find a wide selection of Sylt holiday apartments, as well as holiday homes on the beach-front in Spain, countryside holiday accommodation in Italy and vacation rentals in Switzerland.

Book a holiday rental in Europe and enjoy your vacation in a beautiful apartment or holiday home! You are sure to have an unforgettable time!
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